Womb for Improvement

Half the population has periods, let's talk about it 

This project is to challenge the stigma of periods, bringing into light the limited access WOMBEN (women) can have to sanitary care products. 

The project runs in three different forms: 

• Exhibitions 

• Parades and demonstrates

• Creative empowerment workshops with WOMBEN who are refugees, asylum seeks, homeless and in prison

The aim is simple: 

Working with WOMBEN on their views of the empowerment of their bodies and projecting into the mainstreams that periods are a natural organic part of life and all WOMBEN should have access to the needed care with no issues.  

Can You Help?

As a social enterprise we rely on lots of different help. 

Please drop an email to if you can help with the following: 

- Workshop spaces 

- Places to exhibit art 

- Sanitary care donations 

- Potential interested participants

- Art supplies  

- Volunteers